Excision – Apocalyptic Bass Loops 

Excision – Apocalyptic Bass Loops 

Excision is a Canadian DJ and bass music producer from Kelowna, BC who creates unforgettable sets characterized by intricate layers of twisting sounds that send crowds reeling with energy-fueled bass tunes. His performances can transform massive crowds into frenzy.

Surgical excision, also known as “shave excision”, involves extracting malignant moles, lesions or tumors along with an intact healthy margin of skin surrounding them. It can be used to treat basal cell carcinomas as well as thin melanomas.

Thunderdome Headbangers

Even in spite of the cold and windy conditions that lashed Tacoma over the weekend, headbangers in the Dome gave 110% energy throughout the entire event. Excision’s latest stage production, The Evolution, transported fans into an atmosphere of mind-melting bass vibrations that left heads with an experience unmatched anywhere else. This audiovisual spectacle leaves people wanting more.

Excision’s massive influence is evident through this show. His commitment to pushing the limits of bass music production remains unparalleled, while his vast discography includes five full-length albums, numerous EPs and singles as well as 15 fan-favorite mixes each year from his label Subsidia. He has already seen great success from its inaugural year of operation!

Excision has amassed a solid touring schedule, as well as curating his own large-scale festivals like Lost Lands and Bass Canyon which draw large crowds to showcase his dedication to genre music. These festivals bring thousands of attendees each time!

Leyla Ali, commonly referred to by her stage name LAYZ, has distinguished herself in the bass music circuit with her heavy New Age sound. Her high-energy sets feature life-altering back-to-backs with artists like 12 Planet, Sullivan King and Wooli. No matter if at a club venue or festival crowd LAYZ has earned herself an esteemed place among any bass music lineup.

Brutal Bass Music

Bass lines may not get as much notice as lead guitarists in Paul McCartney’s “Come Together,” or Bootsy Collins’ hypnotic vamp in James Brown’s “Sex Machine,” yet they can still play an integral part of songs, like Tina Weymouth’s drumming on Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer.” These bass loops from LA session bassist Jon Button are designed to add life and energy into productions of all kinds.

Glitch music is an experimental genre that blends Hip-Hop rapping with digital glitches, repetitions, and distortion. Additionally, traditional Indian percussive elements and tribal, shamanic or spiritual soundscapes may also be included within its structure; its BPM can vary significantly.

Jungle brought vibrancy and color into drum & bass music in its early days; by contrast, producers in the 2000s began shifting towards darker and more minimalist beats. Total Science’s “What Now?” and Breakage’s muscular dubwise of “Terminator” demonstrated this shift while Chimpo applied his expertise in grime and dubstep to tracks like “Hard Food” produced with UK legend Fracture for Metalheadz. Furthermore, Alix Perez’s 2007 release “Down the Line” used a moody backdrop of minor chord stabs and vocal chops to elevate liquid drum & bass music and set off a trend that would last through much of this decade.

The Apocalypse is Here

The end is coming, and it won’t be pretty. Apocalyptic literature depicts catastrophic events as predicted in literature such as runaway climate change or an asteroid impact; nuclear holocaust or resource depletion; pandemic outbreak or simply the end of time (also referred to as Last Judgment or Ragnarok).

No doubt about it: our world is in trouble. Media reports speak of war, famine and poverty; global economies appear on the verge of collapse; natural disasters occur with alarming frequency; all these symptoms point toward our shared destiny as human beings on this earthly plane.

Morgan Freeman told his View cohosts Wednesday that the end is near, echoing Orson Welles’ classic radio drama from 1938: The Last Man on Earth. This theme has become prevalent since.

Apocalyptic is a literary genre derived from Greek words that mean to reveal, so the concept of dramatic revelation is central to it. The Book of Revelation belongs to an ancient tradition of apocalyptic writing that began during Judaism’s Second Temple period; traditionally these books employ oracles which announce God’s judgment or salvation plan directly to readers.

A Night to Remember

On April 14th 1912, when the unsinkable Titanic struck an iceberg and quickly and dramatically submerged, tragedy quickly followed suit. Directed by Roy Ward Baker and featuring A Night to Remember as its script writer. A Night to Remember shows these last hours as it rapidly submerged beneath the waves.

A Night to Remember was one of the earliest films to use realistic water tank technology, and its emphasis on accuracy and authenticity have been credited with inspiring James Cameron’s 1997 Titanic film. Instead of featuring romance or gimmicks like more recent films do, A Night to Remember instead focuses on real experiences from both passengers and crew members.

Eric Ambler’s script brilliantly explores all of the responses to disaster, from stunned denial to courageous bravery. While poking fun at upper-class hubris and entitlement, this film also honors one father’s use of patriarchal prerogative in order to save his wife and son.

A Night to Remember features an ensemble cast led by Kenneth More as Second Officer Lightoller, while Honor Blackman and David McCallum from Bond and U.N.C.L.E fame provide valuable contributions as part of an ensemble cast that intertwines seamlessly together in roles that interweave seamlessly throughout. A classic film worth cherishing.