Excision: 2023 Tour Tickets

Who is Excision

Excision: 2023 Tour Tickets

Jeff Abel, better known by his stage name, is a Canadian disc jockey and producer. He is also the founder of Subsidia Records. Excision is a dance music industry veteran since 2006. Warning was his first official release in 2007. He continued to release Shambhala mix CDs until 2016. His sound is known for being powerful, but also accessible to the masses.

Excision was already a household name when he released Boom, his debut EP in 2009. His early collaborations include “No Escape” & “Bug Powdah.” His most popular tracks, however, are ‘This Is War’ and ‘This Is War.’ He was born in Kelowna (BC) and has lived in many places around the globe. He is an extremely successful musician, and his primary profession is in the music industry. He has over 1.5 million Facebook fans and 300 000 Twitter followers. He has two other children.

Excision signed a 2013 record deal with Subsidia Records. He also released three compilations containing bass songs ranging from Experimental Bass and Melodic Bass. He and Space Laces dropped a single called “Robo Kitty” on December 2013. Space Laces also plans to release more music via the label. The label plans to release more albums. He can also enjoy his solo career.

Excision has become a king within the dance music industry in recent years. The bass-heavy bass productions that he has released have garnered millions of fans around the globe. His music festival and watts of bass tours have also earned him a place in the international dance music scene. The question of “Who is Excision?” remains.

The entrepreneur-singer is taking his personal brand up to new heights. His musical output includes five studio albums, numerous EPs, and 15 annual fan favorite mixes. In addition to being a world-class musician, Excision has branched out into business and culture. Excision is a passionate entrepreneur. The result is a world class bass package that combines many genres.

Excision is best-known for his albums, DJ sets, and music. However, his music can take listeners into another dimension. Excision’s unique mix of morphing sounds, stunning visuals, and captivating sound effects will transport you to another dimension. He uses subwoofers, lights, lasers, and lights to create a stunning spectacle. He has also released four studio albums, three compilations, and thirteen singles. He is well-known as a DJ and has a large following.

Excision is a well-known electronic music producer known for his bass-heavy and psychedelic tracks. His energetic stage shows transport people to another dimension. His live shows feature a vast immersive visual experience that is accompanied by a dizzying array lightshows and lasers. The incredible stage performances will likely captivate fans, even though they might be captivated at the sonic landscape.

The Canadian producer spent the last decade devotedly to the Bass Music scene. He has launched numerous large-scale festival productions including the Dubstep Festival with dinosaur theme, which will celebrate it’s fifth year in 2022. His concerts have been featured in major media outlets, such as Thunderdome. Excision’s dedication to dubstep is what makes him unique. What is Excision’s net worth then?

Excision’s music has made the music industry famous. His studio albums include Codename X (X Rated) and Codename X (Codename X). He is also the founders of Subsidia and Rottun. His music has been a hit for over 18 years as a producer. Excision has a long-standing relationship Emma Livorno. The couple has been married for five years.