Rocket League’s Season 5 Theme Song Is an Unreleased Track By Grimes

Rocket League’s Season 5 Theme Song Is an Unreleased Track By Grimes

The game’s developer, Psyonix, was able to include her long-awaited song “Player Of Games” before its official release.

Hot off the heels of her long-awaited collaboration with Chris Lake, “A Drug From God,” comes the first look at a reworked version of one of Grimes‘ long-awaited, unreleased singles.

Snippets of the track, dubbed “Player Of Games,” have been shared on social media for the past few months, leading to widespread anticipation from fans and gamers alike.

The song is still unreleased at the time of this article’s publication, but you can hear some of it in the trailer for the newest season of the popular vehicular sports game Rocket League. Even though the trailer does include a good deal of game-related noise throughout, you can clearly hear a generous portion of Grimes’ latest.

In a later trailer informing players that the update would release the next day, you can hear even more of Grimes, but this time she’s joined by a high-speed dance beat, mimicking the intensity of the in-game matches. It’s unclear what the full release will sound like, so these appetizers will have to hold us over until dinner is served.

Since the game’s release, its developers, Psyonix, have embraced the world of electronic music. For example, there are countless songs included in Rocket League through their partnership with Monstercat, including music from Marshmello, Dion Timmer, Slushii, Said The Sky, SLANDER, Pegboard Nerds, and even a Rocket League-inspired EP from Kaskade. They even went as far as to dedicate the second season of the game to our favorite genre with tons of in-game items, an arena, and new sounds inspired by EDM. 

Rocket League’s cosmic season five is now live on all platforms. At the time of writing, the official release date for Grimes’ “Player Of Games” is not yet known, but Psyonix stated that it will be available sometime this month.

You can learn more about the next season of Rocket Leag and download it for yourself here.



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