Marshmello Pushes Boundaries With Newest Album, “Shockwave” [LISTEN]

Marshmello Pushes Boundaries With Newest Album, “Shockwave” [LISTEN]

Up until today, every new Marshmello record was branded Joytime, with each successive iteration getting a Roman numeral in order of launch. For the first time, todayhe’s published a record without the Joytime moniker, his fourth studio record, Shockwave.

The 12-track Shockwave explores genres such as snare, dance, bass house, dubstep, tech, and all in between by calling upon collaborators such as TroyBoi, DJ Sliink, Nitti Gritti & Megan Thee Stallion, Carnage, Eptic & Juicy J, Subtronics, SIPPY, along with PEEKABOO. Sonicallyit’s far more experimental and diverse, for Marshmello, than his previous records. A good deal of this seemingly has to do with spending additional time at the studio with Southside.

“I’t been lucky enough to be accepted under the wing of this legendary hip hop producer Southside,” states Marshmello. “[…] With this new album, I wanted the influence of a great deal of hip hop gears, and I think listening you can hear this. ”

Over just the last couple of weeks, Marshmello was pumping out new singles from the record, dropping six of them all before the record had been released, the newest being the gigantic dubstep cooperation with Subtronics, “House Party. ” Among the rest of the singleswe get more collaborations, all with various tastes and influences.

On initial listen, it could surely seem that the record suffers from a lack of cohesive sound. Since it goes from 1 genre to another to another and back again, with no real thread tying them together, that will frequently happen. But I also think that we’ve become too conditioned to expect complete, concept records from artists lately.  Shockwave is more like an extended EP, displaying a whole lot of fun, distinct sounds and introducing them in a succinct package. And in that sense, Marshmello succeeds.

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