Marshmello on Prior deadmau5 Beef: “I Have No Animosity Towards Him”

Marshmello on Prior deadmau5 Beef: “I Have No Animosity Towards Him”

The masked manufacturer got candid about his previous Twitter squabbles in an interview with GQ.

In a brand new interview with GQMarshmello got candid about his prior online feuds with deadmau5, appearing to extend the olive branch in an effort to squash their beef.

The feud goes far back to 2016. In the early days of his profession, Mello was famously known for its not-so-subtle”inclusion” of all deadmau5 in his music videos. That contained a pet mouse named Joel in his”Alone” music video as well as a mau5head-donning character in his video for”Ritual.” The trolling definitely succeeded in grabbing deadmau5’s attention, although he wasn’t using any of these. 

Marshmello became the subject of more than one Twitter rant from the legendary”Strobe” manufacturer, who at one stage outed Marshmello’s real name, which was largely a key at the time. Those remarks even attracted a rebuke from Skrillex, who openly called deadmau5 a bully soon thereafter.

When broached with the subject in his most recent interview, Marshmello said he believes the feud old news.  “I grew up listening to Deadmau5, you understand? He’s definitely a pioneer of digital dance music for certain,” Marshmello explained. “I don’t even need to invest too much into it. It ’s old news.  And so far as this mask belongs, I have no animosity towards him. ”

The crab has also shifted Marshmello’s priorities. He shared he is not as likely to be engaged in petty squabbles in the future. “I believe there might be a tiny bit more empathy,” he continued. “Things have slowed down and like people have sort of really gotten a opportunity to check at themselves. Each of the beefs of any genre–just relax just a bit. ”

With a clearer mind Marshmello is focusing his efforts to completing his upcoming album, which he indicates is almost ready for release.

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