3 Count: Settled Evermore

3 Count: Settled Evermore

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1: Taylor Swift, Evermore Park Drop Respective Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

To start now, Athea Legaspi at Rolling Stone reports that Taylor Swift has settled both of her suits with the Utah theme park Evermore bringing an end alongside the park’s trademark infringement lawsuit and Swift’s copyright infringement litigation.

The park resisted Swift first asserting that the launch of this Evermore album caused “actual confusion”, which influenced the park. But, Swift hit by filing a copyright infringement lawsuit, given that the park has been enjoying at least three of her songs in performances without spending a license.

But, both sides have agreed to drop their respective suits. Though the details aren’t known, a spokesperson for Swift said that the settlements arrived “without financial settlement. ”

Two: Appeals Court Affirms Retired Police Officer’s $47,777 Win Against Copyright Troll

Next up now, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court decision contrary to Strike 3 Holdings and ordered to pay the $47,777 owed to a defendant in lawyers ’ prices and prices.

Strike 3 is widely considered a “copyright troll” and has earned a reputation for aggressively targeting suspected pirates of content. The suspect in the case, known only as John Doe, is a retired police officer from his 70s and has been targeted at Strike 3 Holdings when his IP address was supposedly utilized to download pirated porn. Doe fought and Strike Holdings attempted to dismiss their claims. But, Doe continued the fight insisted on lawyers ’ prices and prices.

Those fees were granted by the lower court, however Strike 3 Holdings appealed, and the Ninth Circuit has declared that decision. Doe’s legal team may attempt to file for extra legal costs which were incurred as a member of their appeal process.

3: Wild Court Case Explores Two Global Pop Hits and a Key Question: Who Owns Remix?

Finally now, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire accounts that DJ Arty has filed a lawsuit against DJ Marshmello asserting that Marshmello’s 2018 song Happier is an immediate copy of his remix of this OneRepublic song I Lived. However, the case is now mired in questions over contracts and who owns a remix.

In accordance with Arty, Happier is a violation of the song I Lived (Arty Remix). But, Marshmello is difficult if Arty owns the makeup to his own remix noting not just that it’s a remix of another song, but that he was commissioned to write the song by Interscope records that, in their arrangement, stated Arty wasn’t eligible to “Any possession or financial interest in the underlying musical composition(s)” of this song.

The case has been further confounded by Ryan Tedder, the lead singer of OneRepublic. In a declaration, he stated that “Arty doesn’t have an ownership or financial interest” in the song. However, that testimony goes contrary to what he stated in a journal article two weeks after the case has been filed, leaving some to think he committed perjury. The case is continuing but is clearly one to watch.

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