Marshmello Releases His First Persian Language Single “Lavandia” Alongside Arash

Marshmello Releases His First Persian Language Single “Lavandia” Alongside Arash

Marshmello’s song and video was an ambitious new undertaking, but remains true to the producer’s dance music roots.

Continuing his path to global influence, Marshmello has just released his first Persian-language spoken single, “Lavandia.” Mello joined forces with Iranian artist and Persia’s Got Talent TV star Arash to make it happen. 

On the production side, Marshmello perfectly curated the track’s arrangement to include Persian-inspired synths derived from authentic strings and flutes native to the region. Despite a dramatic shift for the masked superstar, the track never feels bogged down by its ambitious ideas. Listeners will quickly glean that “Lavandia” remains true to Marshmello’s dance music roots at heart, given the steady, cascading current of driving kicks and tongue drum-driven percussion.

In the track’s music video, Marshmello doesn’t hesitate to flex his own dance moves as he and Arash engage in pursuit of a jewel thief. As they give chase, the video transitions through a series of impressively choreographed dance encounters and scenic environments, including spellbinding rooms of wall-mounted pictorial rugs and awe-inspiring ruins carved from stone.  

Marshmello went on to share an English translation for “Lavandia” in the YouTube description of the track’s music video.



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