Introducing LEGO Vidiyo’s Hottest New DJs: Alien, Unicorn, and the Party Llama

Introducing LEGO Vidiyo’s Hottest New DJs: Alien, Unicorn, and the Party Llama

An alien DJ, a unicorn DJ, and a llama walk into a bar.

Last year The LEGO Group and Universal Music Group announced their new partnership, which seeks to encourage creative expression through both play and music. It wasn’t until this year that we learned the exciting venture would include a brand new platform called LEGO Vidiyo, which brings the illustrious brand into the world of augmented reality. Now, the platform is ready to unveil its first range of products.

With LEGO Vidiyo, users are able to create their own music videos using a variety of LEGO kits, Minifigures, and AR technology. They call these products Bandmates, BeatBoxes, and BeatBits. Fans will be able to purchase six unique and portable BeatBoxes, which include a Minifigure that represents a specific music genre, a scanning stage, two special BeatBits, and 14 random BeatBits. BeatBits are small plastic tiles that unlock special effects to incorporate into videos when scanned using the app.

The first wave of Bandmates includes 12 figures inspired by an array of musical genres and artists ranging from pop, punk, K-Pop, hip-hop, and EDM. We, of course, are geeking out on the badass EDM characters, who go by Unicorn DJ, Alien DJ, and Party Llama.

Unicorn DJ is the perfect choice for those who love the K-pop and EDM crossover space. Her concerts come equipped with BeatBits that allow you to fill her stage with rainbow castles.

“Unicorn DJ”

Alien DJ has been on a massive sell-out tour across the galaxy. He describes his music as “ETDM,” or electronic music of the extra-terrestrial kind. His Beatbits include a wild warp speed tunnel you can incorporate into your music videos.

“Alien DJ” 

Party Llama has undeniably stolen the show of the launch. He would definitely get along with the likes of Major Lazer. If you are looking for the life of the party, look no further than Llama.

“Party Llama”

To coincide with the launch, UMG and Astralwerks have signed a new artist, the live-action, human version of Party Llama named L.L.A.M.A. L.L.A.M.A, whose website says is the first LEGO minifigure to sign a major record deal, is set to drop his debut single “Shake” with Ne-Yo and Carmen Deleon this Friday, February 19th. The track is one of 30 songs that will be featured on LEGO Vidiyo by the likes of Marshmello, Mabel, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Imagine Dragons, among others.

“It’s an honor to sign the first-ever llama and LEGO Minifigure to a global record deal,” said Luke Armitage, VP of Marketing at Astralwerks. “When L.L.A.M.A first played us the early demo of ‘Shake,’ we all knew we wanted to work with him. The LEGO Group’s partnership with UMG completely aligns with our mission to surround the electronic music space with innovation.”

LEGO Vidiyo products will be available for purchase beginning March 1st. BeatBoxes are priced at $19.99. To learn more and to buy your own, navigate here

Source: ToyNews

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