Roblox Lil Nas X Concert Had More Viewers Than Travis Scott In Fortnite

Roblox Lil Nas X Concert Had More Viewers Than Travis Scott In Fortnite

Rapper Lil Nas X performed as part of an in-game Roblox concert that attracted more viewers than Fortnite’s revolutionary Travis Scott occasion. Countless Roblox players bombarded the servers within the course of three days, enabling Lil Nas X to select the crown for the biggest in-game concert in gambling history.

In-game concerts have become all of the rage with games such as Minecraft and Fortnite hosting them to get countless attendees and viewers. Fortnite has made it a habit of hosting these concerts quite often, bringing in a number of DJs and musical musicians artists such as Marshmello along with Travis Scott. Marshmello’s concert brought over 10 million gamers into the game, while Travis Scott’s event brought over 27 million. However, both of these have finally been knocked from their pedestals from Roblox.

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Lil Nas X’s concert set began on November 12 with the rapper carrying four sets over the course of three days. Every set was 10 minutes long, in comparison to Travis Scott’s Fortnite occasion that lasted just shy of twenty five minutes. What’s more striking is that the range of viewers Lil Nas X managed to pull on. According to Sarah Needleman, technology documented for The Wall Street Journal, Roblox reported that a whopping 33 million gamers that attended the live events. This beat the number of attendees for its Travis Scott event, which brought in 27.7 million gamers.

Obviously, Lil Nas X’s look during the concert obviously drew inspiration from Travis Scott’s occasion. Lil Nas X looked as a giant version of himself towering over the attendees as they saw in amazement. Lil Nas also pulled off a collection of clothing changes, flashy light shows, and even sang his new single”Holiday” for the first time. This is similar to the way Travis Scott surfaced his solitary”THE SCOTTS” during his concert. However, Lil Nas X Unbelievably played all of his songs live, whereas Travis Scott’s occasion was a collection of pre-recorded songs played flashy visuals.

Together with COVID-19 forcing everyone to stay indoors, video games have come to be the perfect place for virtual occasions. Players control avatars of themselves and wait for live events with their friends as though they were there in person. It might not be exactly the same as standing among a bunch of fellow sweaty concert attendees, however it is a neat alternative. Hopefully, Roblox and Fortnite will still continue to sponsor these events after the pandemic comes to a finish.

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