Happy Birthday, Carly Rae Jepsen: Here are the 5 Best EDM Remixes of “Call Me Maybe”

Happy Birthday, Carly Rae Jepsen: Here are the 5 Best EDM Remixes of “Call Me Maybe”

From beachfront home into early 2010s dubstep, there’s no lack of creativity in regards to manufacturer’s putting their spin “Call Me Maybe.”

Ever since Carly Rae Jepsen’s”Call Me Maybe” went viral in 2012, launch waves of cover models, video parodies, and memes, the area of pop music has never been the same. The iconic track became the bestselling single of the year and topped charts around the world, launching Jepsen to the world of fortune and fame as an internationally recognized pop star. 

With four books and tons of hits hitting on the airwaves since then, including”OMG” with Gryffin, Jepsen’s phone was ringing off the hook for a long time.  To celebrate her 34th birthday today, we have rounded up among their greatest remixes of”Call Me Maybe,” certain to launch you back to the energy and sounds of early 2010s dancing songs. 

“Call Me Maybe (Angelica Pier Remix)”

Classical pianist and vocalist Angelica chose a venture into EDM with this reverse of”Call Me Maybe,” adding tried-and-true bass claps and soaring synths to give the song important holiday energy. 

“Call Me Maybe (Life Away Dubstep Remix)”View the original article to view embedded media.

This Marshmello- and – Benny Benassi-like combination of classic dubstep and charming pop songs can bring you back to the sounds of their early 2010s, including heavily distorted synths and traditional EDM drop sequences. 

“Call Me Maybe (Aura Qualic The 80s back Remix)”View the original article to view embedded media.

Aura Qualic brings us back in time with their reimagining of”Call Me Maybe,” synthesizing Jepsen’s vocals using classic and vibrant retro synths to craft a course which would have sounded at home in exactly the Pretty in Pink film soundtrack. 

“Call Me Maybe (Dunkles Remix)”View the original article to see embedded media.

Having a boosted BPM and pounding four-on-the-floor beat, this remix transforms the track into an upbeat and lighthearted homage to the euphoric sounds of early EDM. 

“Call Me Maybe (Techrifice Remix)”

Techrifice’s blissed-out tropical house take on the bubbly pop original uses just a hint of the tune’s vocals, which makes it ideal for a scenic drive or laid-back work-from-home session.


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