What GTA Online Could Learn From Fortnite | Screen Rant

What GTA Online Could Learn From Fortnite | Screen Rant

Though Grand Theft Auto along with Fortnite are radically different games — one is more family-friendly and the other integrates Rockstar’s notorious sense of comedy — there is still a lot Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise can and should learn from Fortnite to improve and sustain their particular internet game, GTA Online.

Epic Games’ Fortnite supplies a free-to-play conflict royale game that garnered 125 million gamers worldwide in its very first year. In the same way, Rockstar’s GTA 5, published back in 2013, is among the most successful video games of all time, having sold over 135 million copies since its introduction. Its online mode, Grand Theft Auto Online, has proven to be both immensely rewarding and immensely popular with lovers.

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Fortnite has an impressive battle royale mode, where around 100 players may struggle to be the last man standing. Grand Theft Auto added a conflict royale-inspired style from 2018 to its internet gambling experience, which comprised a spin known as the Trap Door, forcing gamers to strike each other on a floating stage in which defeat means falling to the ocean as the stage shrinks. But even though GTA Online has it is own battle royale manner, there is still space for improvement, especially when compared to Fortnite.

Metaverse is a concept used to refer to a virtual-reality environment where people can socialize and enjoy a more computer-generated space in addition to other users. It’s thought that the Metaverse could one day come be a replacement to the Internet, thus drastically changing the way users interact with each other virtually and online. Though the Metaverse is far off in the future, Fortnite’s battle royale is regarded as the starting point, as it features a much more immersive and more interactive experience compared to any other game of its own kind. Fortnite has done everything from sponsor concerts to boosting various movies in its digital platform, thereby bringing customers together in a very different manner compared to other games can do.

This April, for instance, rapper Travis Scott maintained a concert interior of Fortnite, which a record-breaking 12 million people are said to have attended.   It was the biggest concert the game had always hosted, with 2019’s Marshmello concert coming in a close second in 10.7 virtual concert-goers. “I believe we’re seeing some rather early stage examples of what the metaverse may be,” movie game analyst Bush told Motley Fool at 2020. “You find at Fortnite, we are starting to see live events and things. That was a live concert earlier in the year. There was a live demonstration of a Star Wars event and advertising that happened there too. ”

GTA Online arguably has an even bigger and larger community compared to Fortnite, therefore it might be completely possible to allow them to begin taking similar actions. With Grand Theft Auto 6 on the horizon, it would the ideal opportunity to try something fresh and to capitalize on the success Fortnite has experienced producing large scale, virtual events. Sure, the GTA Online has various tiny events that players may access while at free roam, however not one are on the exact identical level as Fortnite’s events. But as Fortnite is thought to be taking the first step in the introduction of this Metaverse, Grand Theft Auto 6, too, could be the next game to push forward and do the same. It would be less busy compared to Fortnite’s events, to be sure, but at least the world of Grand Theft Auto Online currently has picture theaters.

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