ZHU Teases Two New Releases With Bob Moses

ZHU Teases Two New Releases With Bob Moses

ZHU + Bob Moses!? Yes please!

Honestly, I could end the article right there and have just as much an impact, but these two juggernauts coming together for the first time is truly a momentous occasion. ZHU has cultivated a brand that is on par with Marshmello’s (though not as universal, but just as strong to his own project), and Bob Moses, though they have 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, are still criminally underrated as they should have much more.

The last original single from Bob Moses (not counting their Unplugged acoustic EP) was in 2018, while ZHU has been pumping out music after 2018’s RINGOS DESERT, both as singles and as precursors to his upcoming album.

And beyond that, we’re getting them twice??? We’re not worthy.

Check out ZHU’s announcement below and get ready!

ZHU x BOB MOSES …… this week 2x

— ZHU (@ZHUmusic) July 14, 2020

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