DVRKO Continues Meteoric Rise with Another New Single [Interview]

DVRKO Continues Meteoric Rise with Another New Single [Interview]

Yes, DVRKO did wear a mask the whole interview. We still have no clue who he is.

DVRKO seemingly appeared out of nowhere. The masked producer’s first release “This Is How” quickly gained millions of streams. His follow-up release “Lights Up” is following the same success and is a contender for song of the summer. We managed to sit down with the masked producer to discuss his signature sound, studio, and more.

EDM.COM: We love your second single and we previewed it here, “Lights Up.” But we’re also still digging your first single, “This Is How” featuring Sarah De Warren! We see it on Spotify’s Friday Cratediggers and your Spotify streams seem to be gaining pretty quickly and the music video is a hoot! So we have to ask…..Who IS DVRKO?

DVRKO: DVRKO? I was released without bond, I paid in false top lines with borrowed compression and stolen melodies of my own. They can dig through the crates but it’s too deep to find. Printed on a laserdisc that was only available in limited release in the Marshall islands, saturated with Gamma radiation from a war that never happened.

EDM.COM: What’s the story behind the making of this song? What are the lyrics all about?

DVRKO: A sun that never rises, a darkness with a light that may never come, and the cycle of love and relationships that we seek, the abyss is neither. It’s brighter over here, bring sunscreen and a Geiger counter.

EDM.COM: Production-wise, we’re really diggin’ the housey-yet-poppy sound of this song. We’ve heard it on a couple radio stations and mixshows, already. What kind of audience do you have in mind when composing a new song?

DVRKO: I consult the advice of an ordained squirrel. His name is Jerry.

EDM.COM: We see that you’ve just dropped the full remix album for “This Is How,” and there are some pretty cool remixes on there! We especially dig the Tony Arzadon, JAYCEEOH and the Gozzi remixes, good stuff! How did you go about settling on these remixers? It seems from your Instagram takeover of our account on Memorial Day that you have some cool friends (DJs/producers). Were you just slinging remixes to your buddies or was there some rhyme or reason to it?

DVRKO: Regarding the takeover, I staged a fake boat giveaway and targeted known DJs. Those that arrived were locked in the building until the stream was over. Some were provided with a light lunch.

EDM.COM: We’ve read your interview with DJ Times and you have some insanely esoteric (and wildly expensive) kit in your studio! Why go that route with all the super high-end hardware? Do you not think today’s bedroom producers can achieve a similar sound, using out-of-the-box plugins and software DAWs?

DVRKO: I borrow almost all of it from the estate of Michael Jackson and return it before he notices.

EDM.COM: What’s with your mask? You’re obviously not the only EDM artist with a mask or helmet – there’s a bunch of bass-music artists who do just that, and then of course there’s Marshmello, Claptone, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and so on – why is it necessary to wear a mask? Will you eventually reveal your face and who you are?

DVRKO: My shadow, my darkness. The gaps in the floorboards. Streaks of light that you hear as the lattice hits the ceiling of your aureal. Hear me but never see, as I can’t see him. I can’t show more, they won’t let me. It would be hellacy.

EDM.COM: What else can you tell us about your follow-up single, “Lights Up”?

DVRKO: A deep polarizing unrest, a pandemic new and a civil pandemic long in need of resolve. A backdrop in the true anthem of reform, Lights Up to be part of a signal the world needs. I have so much more for all of you but for now, I hope this helps from the echos.

EDM.COM: You’ve got remixes of “Lights Up” by house music legend Robbie Rivera, Disco Fries and Black Caviar. Can you tell us about these remixes and what made you decide to go with these producers? What was it about their individual sounds that attractive you to them?

DVRKO: I thought they were all apart of a gourmet dinner and didn’t realize I was paying for a reproduction.

EDM.COM: Before we let you go, will EDM fans be able to see you livestreaming anywhere? Where/when?

DVRKO: I will wait patiently as the world mends, as a world recluse awakes from what is wrong, with beautiful aureal light when it is appropriate. I am your secret beautiful friend in every rhythm until I can step on stage. I am next door and a block away silent until then. If you actually want to see me livestream please subscribe to my bathroom cam.



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