Wraps, Wheels, and Whips: 10 DJs with Jaw-Dropping Car Collections

Wraps, Wheels, and Whips: 10 DJs with Jaw-Dropping Car Collections

DJs through the nighttime, gearheads daily.

Music and cars go together.  Picture this–it’s late at night and you are cruising down the highway, blasting Kavinsky’s”Night Call” or Duke Dumont’s”Ocean Drive,” with not a care in the world. There’s nothing greater than blaring your tune and feeling the motor and that the bass meld making you really feel as though you’re on your own music video. Think about doing that in a custom Ferrari.

EDM artists are known for incorporating octane gasoline however, they add their luxury vehicles and it as well. Navigating the streets at breakneck speeds like the energy of the songs, you will find 10 producers and DJs who have car collections. 


It wouldn’t be an artist gearhead list when we didn’t include Mr. Zimmerman. Not only does he have an entire mini web series called”Coffee Run” at which he drives around with different DJs in his exotic cars, but he has also situated himself as a serious collector at the luxury automobile world.

From what we understand, he has possessed a BAC Mono, Bentley GT, Ford GT, Ferrari 458 Spider, Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren P1, McLaren 650S, Porsche 911, plus also a Tesla P85D. He is also known for giving creative titles to his cars, like calling his McLaren that the”Meowclaren,” his Ferrari that the”Purrari,” and his Lamborghini that the”Purracan.” When deadmau5 wrapped his Ferrari 458 Italia in the Nyan Cat-themed wrap, Ferrari didn’t enjoy the expression of the car and issued him a cease and desist letter. In timeless fashion, he bought the Huracan, wrapping it.


The Dutch global superstar has dropped upwards of $22 million to his own remarkable vehicle collection. He advised Forbes that his obsession started when he was a child, playing with video games like Need for Speed. So when he rose to fortune and the fame he is seen by us today, he took over control of his admiration and forced his dream into his reality. Some of the pride possessions have to be his own Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, Bugatti Veyron, and Rolls Royce. 

Martin Garrix 

When Garrix was just 22-years old, he bought the heavily wrapped around Lamborghini Murcielago. Soon the Dutch electronic heavyweight was drifting around as though he was Kanye and Jay-Z at Paris. He has been proven to present in front of his car collection that was gigantic before he was able to push. He reportedly owns a Ferarri 458 Italia, Ferrari 488 GTB, BMW i8, Rolls Royce Phantom, and also a Mercedes S Class.  

Calvin Harris 

Apparently McLarens would be the official car of DJs because Harris is the up to be sporting one of these amazing vehicles around town. He owns the 12C version, which could hit 0 to 60 MPH at 3.5 seconds and prices around $220,000. 

Carl Cox 

The king of techno and house of course needs to have a car which matches his status. Comes with a taste in cars with a particular affinity towards vintage autos and old muscle. He owns a Ford Roadster 2, a buy that would make Jay Leno proud, being among Ford’s very cars that a collector may own. He has a drag-racing permit and started building expert street-racing cars with his firm Carl Cox Motorsport back in 2013. 


Being among the DJs in the world has its advantages, and among these perks includes being able to own cars. The producer is really a proud owner of a BMW II8, Lamborgini Huracan, Mercedes Benz Squared G550 adorned with his Marshemello decal, Rolls Royce Ghost, Two White Lamborghini Aventadors, and also a Ford Super Duty 6 Pickup. 

Black Coffee 

The producer that’s famous for sparking the digital scene in South Africa includes a collection of cars that’s nearly as striking as his music catalogue. He owns a line of luxury vehicles which folks could only dream including a Mercedes SLS AMG, Mercedes Benz G Wagon, Bentley, and a Maserati.  

Steve Angello 

As among those associates of Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello earned riches that was enough to create his boy dreams come true. When growing up with his mom in a suburb of Stockholm, he had a drawing of a Ferrari on his walls. He owns a Porsche 911, a McLaren F1, a Mercedes G-Class, Lamborgini, also, of course, a Ferrari. He allegedly still gets the drawing from his youth styled, so that he leaves that world and forgets where he came from.


The Space Mom deserves a car that’s as futuristic because her songs is, and that’s precisely what she got. She bought an Audi R8 and customized with a sleek, matte wrap with red specifics. Envision blasting”Edge” in this particular item. She owns an Audi Q8 with customized wrap she laps her”winter ride.”

Steve Aoki

Aoki has had a successful career, and after seeing the lush mansion that he resides in from his Architectural Digest interview, there was no doubt he’d have any epic cars to match. The famed producer owns a couple of remarkable vehicles, including a Scion FR-S with a custom-built Pioneer speaker program and fog system . He also owns a customized Ferrari 458 Spider which has his logo imprinted on the outside.  

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