Queen Latifah Wants ‘Gone with the Wind’ to be Gone Forever

Queen Latifah Wants ‘Gone with the Wind’ to be Gone Forever

Though some have criticized HBO Max’s elimination of Gone With the Wind out of the streaming support — for example those who wonder whether it hurts the legacy of Hattie McDaniel, the first African American woman to win an Academy Award — Oscar nominee Queen Latifah says good riddance.

“Let ‘Gone with the Wind’ be gone with the wind,” said the Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy winner last week.

Latifah, that portrays McDaniel in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix Hollywood series, claims that the story behind McDaniel’s Oscar win is not as shiny as the trophy.

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“They rsquo & didn;t let her into the theater before she got that award. Someone brought her and came outside. She wasn’t allowed to sit in there. And she had to see. You know that’s not what the hell she wished to say,&rdquo.

“Then then, all she could do was perform the same kinds of roles … So the opportunities at the time and also the manner that those in power in the company had been relegating us and marginalizing us rather than allowing us to grow and flourish after that was just terrible. And a lot of that is still accessible today. ”

Latifah talked to The Associated Press while promoting her Queen Collective initiative, which seeks to highlight female filmmakers of color. She discussed George Floyd’so departure, her feelings of her lyrics much more and being chanted by protesters.

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AP: What are your ideas on the protests following George Floyd’s departure?
Queen Latifah: This is like nothing I’t. Plus it’s the fact that it’s occurring. It’so time, you understand? It’s time. What a chance we have right now. I can only liken it to what it was for me as a child, as a teenager — young 20s, early ’90s if there was apartheid in South Africa, and now we weren’t with that. Along with we utilized his voices and stood up, and their voices were used by everybody.

We’re visiting corporate America and brands adopting Black Lives Matter. Do you think it’s popular to do this now or could it be a true attempt to deliver change?
I think that it ’s hellip a mixture &; rsquo & we;re seeing items which have been coming for quite a while, also this really is the powder keg. Here is the perfect storm, so if you will, for the chance for change. So we shouldn’t cease — we shouldn’t just take our foot off the gas. I read something Viola Davis posted, also it finished together ‘Don’t just take your foot off the gas,’ which has sat in my head which was my motto in my brain daily.

Protesters at a march were also still singing your song U.N.I.T.Y.
That song is a stance. I need it didn’t stand — I wish it would have performed. But to have to say “Love a black man from infinity to infinity,” “appreciate a black woman from infinity to infinity,” but finally: U.N.I.T.Y.. We do it together. You understand, let&rsquo. But I had to say things like that. We still have to say that. I have so many documents that I wish were not useful. You understand documents fought for rsquo & girls;s equality, fought us for all to really have an equal seat at the desk. I wish we didn’t have to talk about this material, but it’s happening.

I am both ripped apart on the inside and at the same time and I have renewed vigor daily because we have a good deal to do. It’therefore an election season. I’m inspired by the childhood.

This is your second year using the Queen Collective. Was there anything this season, your heard or changed?
The one thing that’we need to produce more movies and therefore expanded my mind is that we need more assistance. We need more generation because the same thing (occurred ) this past year: we were able to do two movies, (but) we have over 60 admissions annually … These amazing girls filmmakers have shown that not only do they inform unique, intriguing, trendy stor(ies) — not just trendy –. . But they also hire behind the camera, and this provides encounter to individuals.

Billy Porter posted an Instagram video saying the community has to do a much better job adopting the LBGTQ community in the midst of ldquo & this;Black Lives Matter” movement. What are your ideas?
I 100% agree. You know, we don’t have the luxury of separating ourselves from one another at this time. The whole goal is inclusivity. … You ought to be admired for who you are, regardless of who you are hellip; that contains the LGBTQ community, particularly our trans sisters and brothers who are being killed in these streets for no reason, other than that they are who they are, and somebody decides that “I don’t enjoy that you are” & &; ldquo;I wish to strike you. ” It only may &rsquo.

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