SVDDEN DEATH Drops Unreleased NGHTMRE Collab at HARD Virtual-Rave-A-Thon

SVDDEN DEATH Drops Unreleased NGHTMRE Collab at HARD Virtual-Rave-A-Thon

SVDDEN DEATH adds yet another massive collaboration after releasing tracks by Marshmello and Snails.

Continuing on his reign of terror,” SVDDEN DEATH, one of the most exciting acts in Dragon , has shown that another massive collaboration is on the way. This moment, the bass slinger has awakened another one of their genre titans, NGHTMRE, to get an unexpected collaborative work.

Debuted in the HARD Summer Staycation Virtual Rave-A-Thon on the weekend, supporters were surprised to listen to what initially sounded like a downtempo vocal-filled cruise. In true SVDDEN DEATH (real name Danny Howland) and NGHTMRE (real name Tyler Marenyi) style, the trail descends into insanity and an explosion of bass and high-pitched, robotic synth takes center stage.

Fans haven’t been able to maintain Howland’s recent series of collaborations. In the span of only one month, he is published”Deathmatch” along with”Crusade,” collaborations with the bass , Snails, and one of EDM’s leading artists, Marshmello, respectively. 

You can see SVDDEN DEATH’s complete HARD Summer Staycation Virtual Rave-A-Thon functionality on YouTube below. The NGHTMRE alliance begins at 14:55. Also contained at the footage is the forthcoming track with Rezz that may be located in the 18:50 mark.

In the time of writing, neither the title or release date to the forthcoming SVDDEN DEATH and NGHTMRE collaboration was declared.

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