Fortnite: Travis Scott’s Astronomical Challenge Guide

Fortnite: Travis Scott’s Astronomical Challenge Guide

Fortnite has recently released another advertisement in the form of an in-game occasion, and once more players are able to complete a free pair of challenges to unlock a couple of completely totally free sprays along with emotes. This time around the crossover event is not with superheroes or some other Disney franchise, however, it’s with global celebrity Travis Scott. Very similar to previous events with Marshmello and Major Lazer, Scott is debuting his new single off of an record in the form of an concert. Players will be able to attend the concert multiple times within a span of a few days, but until then they’re given a few challenges to complete.

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There are three Travis Scott Astronomical challenges for players. Upon finishing each one, players will be given a reward, and then finishing all three players will obtain the meme inspire emote of Travis holding a microphone above his head. These challenges are not incredibly difficult to complete but they are not the type of challenges which could be done without going out of your way to find where the challenges can be found. But, all three are relatively close together and shouldn’t require more than just 1 or 2 matches to complete.

The initial challenges need players to dance for 10 seconds on the dancing floor of Apres Ski or The Yacht. These are designated areas at each location distinguished by hardwood floors which yells”dance floor”. A player must do would be perform a while on the dancing floor and make their way to either location.

It is strongly recommended that players do this at The Yacht and after that use the Choppa there to soar to the next two challenges. Completing this battle rewards the player using a Travis Scott themed loading display.

You will find five inflatable golden Travis Scott heads in different locations about where the concert will occur, and this challenge needs players to bounce off of the very top of all them. They are located relatively near one another so finishing this task will be straightforward. The image above shows where all five are located across the bay north of Sweaty Sands.

By completing this challenge, the player will be rewarded using a Travis Scott themed spray, and players will not need to travel far at all to complete the last and third challenge.

The last and third challenge requires players to find the stage north of Sweaty Sands where Travis’ concert will happen. A player must do is visit with the stage and the challenge will be complete. The positioning of the stage is pictured previously.

After finishing this challenge players will be given a player bannerads, and if the rest of the challenges have been completed the player is going to be rewarded with the Travis Scott Forged mic emote.

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Fortnite can be found on PC, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch, plus Playstation 4.

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