Marshmello Deletes All Posts from His Instagram Account

Marshmello Deletes All Posts from His Instagram Account

What could Marshmello have in the works?

If social media serves as any index, Marshmello could be gearing up for an announcement of sorts. The masked DJ/producer cleaned out his Instagram accounts, leading many to feel that something else or fresh songs completely may be on the road.

Whereas some artists just upload solid-black default pictures to their accounts lead as much as a large display, but Marshmello (real name Chris Comstock) moved a little more extreme. He seems to have deleted every post.

Comstock has not set out any solo releases so much in 2020. Earlier in the week, even though, he and SVDDEN DEATH dropped their second collaboration,”Crusade.” Last year the disguised hitmaker released his Joytime III record, collaborated together with numerous pop and hip-hop artists, and made waves with his in-game Fortnite concert.

Aside from new profile images that match that of the Instagram accounts, Marshmello’s Twitter and Instagram accounts don’t seem to have been altered in the time of writing.



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