26 Kid-Safe Pop Songs That You’ll Still Enjoy

26 Kid-Safe Pop Songs That You’ll Still Enjoy

One of my earliest memories consists of flying around in my mother ’s white Volvo screaming the lyrics into Bobby Brown’s “Don’t Be Cruel. ” My brothers and I knew every word and bopped around at the backseat with the time of their lives. The beat has been amazing and we felt …trendy.

It feels like at ’ 90s and also the ’ 80s, it was a great deal more easy to let your kids listen to your radio. Sure, there were a few songs back then that were about drugs and sex , but the majority of them weren’t which makes it onto pop stations. We might not be able to say the same to get Brown’s private life, however the lyrics for his songs back then were pretty clean. And we were listening back so we were unaware of exactly what went on behind the scenes.

Fast-forward to today, and when you turn the radio on with kids in the vehicle, it’s a whole cringefest. If you’ve heard a child under the age of 8 sweetly sing each the legends into Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High),” you then know exactly what I’m speaking about.

But again, beating Raffi on a road trip doesn’t exactly seem like fun — and listening into the Frozen soundtrack even yet another time could lead to some civic collapse of epic proportions at this time. There has to be a happy medium between raunchy gender – and also violence-filled lyrics and bothersome kids songs , appropriate?

Luckily, there are a few kid-friendly pop tunes which are suitable but still enjoyable for all adults.

1. “Give A Little” — Maggie Rogers

When it comes to this specific genre — kid-safe soda up you ’ll genuinely enjoy — Maggie Rogers is sort of a godsend. Though a few songs include speech, this youthful Maryland superstar keeps it clean.

2. “Happier” — Marshmello ft. Bastille

While this song sounds intense (we overlook ’t recommend full quantity to the chorus), the lyrics are completely benign — and the hook is dangerously catchy. Bottom line: your kid could be repeating worse than “I want you to become happier. ”

3. “I’ll Be There” — Jess Glynne

It ’ s overall to be inoffensive while there’s s a alcohol cite in this particular song, and also helps that there’s nice message behind the lyrics. But consider yourself warned: You (and your kiddos) will probably be stirring this for hours once you hear it.

Next: “What About Us” — Pink

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