The Top EDM DJ Beefs Of The Decade

The Top EDM DJ Beefs Of The Decade

Earlier 2010, DJs were faceless disc-jockeys on a dim stage into the world . Then, producers started relationship stars booking global tours, cooperating with major pop artists, and making a name for themselves. Together with notoriety on their own, it eventually came to pass that these DJs’ characters will struggle, and what better stage than Twitter, where all is public.

Some of dancing music’s outspoken DJs have been involved in a number of the beefs of the decade, and at times it even extended out of their own bubble. In this list, we’ll remind you of some of the beefs of the decade, some that totally rocked the EDM world and others who have those of us seeing a hearty laugh.

Diplo vs Zedd

It s hard when this steak actually begun to say, however there have been many landmarks along the way. The easiest place to start is the release of Zedd’s sophomore album, True Colors, which Diplo gave the blossom emoji on Twitter. In a later interview with, he strove to backtrack but just really made things worse when he predicted Zedd’s relationship with Selena Gomez a PR stunt to the album. His criticism even bore a response from Gomez herself, who explained, “It’so quite fascinating that Diplo would believe he knew about my private life, however he doesn’t. I adore Anton [Zedd] a lot and I definitely had something with him, which was nice. ”

Diplo lasted the steak another year by doing exactly the same thing to Zedd’s collab with Aloe Blacc, “Candyman,” that he did True Colors: give it exactly the poop emoji. This time, Zedd came back with a vengeance and responded, “@diplo quit being a bitch that is jealous and do us all a favor and just shut the fuck up. Thank you. ”

It might be another 2 years until the two fought again, now Zedd was the one to instigate (through Max Vangeli). Throughout Vangeli’s announcement in 2018, he predicted Diplo “the largest pussy dick at the game,” to which Zedd reacted, “100% truth. ”

After Billboard and everyone else insured the reignited steak, Diplo dropped a URL to the policy and additional , “Come on @billboard I want some spicier steak I already put this man in a coffin two decades ago when he created a song with a Walgreens or a tampon firm or whatever it was. ”

Actually, Matthew Koma reacted to Diplo and stated, “I’ll attribute. ” At that moment , we had but little did we know it might foreshadow Zedd’s next major beef.

Matthew Koma vs Zedd

Exactly 1 year later, on the anniversary of the song “Spectrum” in Zedd and Matthew Koma, the singer decided enough was enough and told his side of the story.

“I need to finally be transparent about that,” Koma started . “It’s a really sad truth because I’m tremendously pleased with the job he and I did … unfortunately my great feelings toward these tunes have all but disappeared as they were experienced alongside somebody so poisonous and self serving that it occupied the area where any happiness may exist. ”

No one ever expected this beef, even with all the hints he dropped .

Zedd eventually told his side of the story four days afterwards, and this steak has largely fizzled on social media, but some fans still give Zedd despair over it in the remarks on Instagram or Twitter.

The Chainsmokers vs everybody

This one is not any real more and beef a dog stack, however it ’ s worth mentioning. Before The Chainsmokers were the trio that are filling out stadiums across the planet, they were only the DJs who liked to have fun. When they created “#SELFIE” in 2013, nobody could have called the trajectory.

That includes one mistaken press opportunity when the duo arrived about American Idol to execute the song “live. ” And though it didn’t have anything to do with them that weekend on SNL, Andy Samberg introduced the DJ Davincii sketch and went following DJs’ cred. It wasn’t a fantastic week to get EDM.

After The Chainsmokers’ functionality on American Idol, pretty much everyone like Victor Niglio, Laidback Luke, and Deadmau5, actually Porter Robinson piled and awarded their 2 cents. No doubt that was a day that will live in infamy for its dance music community.

Deadmau5 vs Marshmello

This was one of the more entertaining beefs to happen during a lot of our employees ’s period as bloggers. Deadmau5 was at his most inflammatory on social media, and Marshmello was beginning to blow off after launch the job a year ahead. The Marshmello job itself was a brilliant mix of advertising and sound that uttered the DJ into the DJ Mag Top 10 in a matter of just four decades, but it wasn’t fulfilled without its share of derision early on Tuesday.

The steak began in Ultra in 2016 when Marshmello apparently tried to say hello to Joel, “I tried saying hello to
@deadmau5 at @ultra because I think he is one of those greats but he flipped me off and walked off lol. ” At that time, Deadmau5 didn’t react — which was a bit uncharacteristic in the time — but sure enough, a few weeks later…

In the middle of this Great Deadmau5 Tweets Of 2016, his acrostic rampage around EDM, deadmau5 also dropped some background. “fucking ultra I went to had that marshmellow dickhead after me around attempting to get a rise outta mepersonally, ” he also tweeted. “for everything and full costume, walking round the dressing room yacht… I simply flipped em off and hid somewhere else.

“then he proceeds to his Twitter to inform everyone I turned off him. Act like a typical human fucking. I understand. ”

Two months Marshmello tweeted at Deadmau5 inquiring whether or not he would play basketball with him. What sounded like an tweet without circumstance really seemed I’theres not touching you” tease with all the previous events in your mind. In reaction, Zimmerman criticized Marshmello’s “winning formula” of placing a bucket on his mind and publicly mentioning Deadmau5 weekly, and also “outed” him Dotcom back when Mello’s identity was still something of a small mystery.

After calling him ldquo;bothersome,” Deadmau5 went on to call out his or her ldquo posse of sheep. ”

The two would trade a few more beefs until the year ended. Marshmello inserted a deadmau5 “cameo” in his music video for “Ritual” with Wrabel, and Deadmau5 showed off a Christmas present, a top of the Stay Puff man from Ghostbusters, in between 2 graham crackers, with his head dropped off. Deadmau5′ caption “No remark ” stated enough.

Hardwell, Kaskade vs DJ Mag Top 100

After the Top 100 record came out at 2016, Hardwell proceeded to an epic rant in the Revealed Records label celebration. He had been speaking out in defense of his buddy Atmozfears, and can be humble in the rant, saying that Atmozfears can be a much better producer than him.

The year before, Kaskade predicted out the yearly poll, too. And if so, a DJ Mag author decided to retaliate by editing his bio to the survey in a way that was highly unprofessional. Now, the DJ Mag Top 100 seems like a rather than a list that you wish to end up on. Though, it’s good practice to thank the fans that voted for you, because they actually do care.

Calvin Harris vs Dubstep

At the beginning of this calendar year, Calvin Harris found himself contrary to the entirety of the dubstep community following calling TenGraphs’ songs “nazi headbanger songs . ” At that time, the remark was conflated to mean dubstep all, but Harris explained his meaning later that afternoon, “Hi I didn’t state dubstep was shit I had been addressing one abusive man NOT an whole genre thanks. ”

Not that it gets that which he initially said any better.

That who steak was actually initiated by Apashe who phoned Calvin outside for supposedly ripping elements of his or her ldquo;Majesty” songs video for his very own “Giant” video with Rag’n’bone Man. That issue was never really solved, but Calvin nevertheless has a bad rep in the dubstep area.

Afrojack vs Eminem

This is one of the beefs in EDM, and one of the ones.  After Eminem’s performance in the MTV EMAs in 2013, Ron Burgundy, aka Will Ferrell, requested the rapper his opinion of Afrojack allegedly talking shit about him. Eminem reacted by inquiring, “that? ,” a diss to the famed Dutch producer. When asked another time, Eminem continued to pretend ignorance of Afrojack’therefore individuality.

Afrojack’s websites pages have been littered with folks yelling! ”, and he even got in on the joke himself event. For all our searching, we still can’t find what shit Afrojack was speaking.

Skrillex vs Deadmau5

Deadmau5 was one of the first folks to provide Skrillex an opportunity, after he had been passed a USB drive by the producer at a HARD event comprising Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Sadly, the relationship eventually soured as Skrillex found his success with OWSLA and a community, in odds with deadmau5’s generally character on media.

Skrillex and Deadmau5 had a lot to say about every other back in 2015, more than could be efficiently summarized in 2 or a paragraph. Go here to read the full exchange.

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