Rising Artist of the Month: LA Bass House Pioneers, Eflorem

Rising Artist of the Month: LA Bass House Pioneers, Eflorem

Cooking up their music with jet fuel and blossoms is the Los Angeles based duo, Eflorem. Lately emerging out of the incubator that is certainly your Berklee College of Music in Boston, Heather Worden and Dewey McManus are ready to talk about their signature bass house together with the entire planet. The pair have found that an alluring blend of hard and melody hitting four to floor beats that is making dance floors go nuts.

Thus far as well as their electronic music narrative Eflorem has shared the stage with the likes of ill.Gates, Ill-esha along with Of The Trees. Beyond their music, as a Post-Production Foley and Sound Design group they have worked with cherished celebration brands Space Yacht, Mirror House and Deep End Radio, Amongst Others. Most lately Eflorem dropped Blast Off, an two track EP via London’s esteemed No Tomorrow Recordings.

Eflorem Blast Off

The Blast Off EP Will make you feel as if you input a wormhole. Go on a trip with us! – Eflorem

Pay attention to download Eflorem’s Blast Off EP:

As Eflorem splashes to the scene, get a proper introduction.

Photograph credit Eflorem

Hows it? Any plans for the weekend or is there anything that you guys are enthusiastic about in the not too distant future? 

We are currently doing good! Thank you for inquiring. This weekend will be spent in the studio! We are enthusiastic about a monthly event that we are going to be throwing Catch One in Los Angeles, starting in February. We’ll be publishing details about that on our sociable media!   

What’s keeping you busy?

We just finished a track known as “Money” which contains Scarey Jones rapping on it. We are almost finished with a track that Heather started and it is going to be amazing and epic.  

What’s the story of how you met? 

We met at Berklee College of Music in Boston. We both studied sound design and production. 

Heather: I was sitting in the school reception, focusing on some missions when I noticed some guy staring at me and pacing the ground. I actually kept giving him imply looks, cause I had been thinking “exactly why are you looking at me? ”

Dewey: And eventually I worked up the nerve to talk to herand I just plopped down right next to her, then took a deep breath in, rehearsed for the previous time I might say and I only turned and said “Hi, im Dewey” along with the rest I guess is history. 

Photograph credit Eflorem

Your Blast Off EP hits hard and is constructed of all the bass house ingredients to cause chaos. What drew you to bass and electro house music? Can you remember where you were, which manufacturer? How can this style of music make you feel? 

We started doing bass house while we where living in Boston. We always felt we sort of dropped into bass house in a weird sort of way, We started as dubstep manufacturers who love the sound design but found that 4 on the floor conquer us desire to move more, therefore for us Bass House is the perfect blend of dancy beats with tough sounds! 

Heather: I remember hearing “Pain” by Magtfuld and being enjoy “WWHHAATT!?!? ”. I lost my mind! 

Dewey: The very first time I heard bass house was not even in a house monitor. It had been the next half of Getter’s remix of “Get On Up” by Pegboard Nerds. My life was altered by that part of that tune. 

Especially for the Escape’ along with ‘Event Horizon’, you guys add a touch. How can you explain your own signature style? How can you believe Eflorem adds to the music scene? 

Heather: Thank you! I think because we are opposites we work together! I’ve got more of a songwriting background, so I bring a lot of song kind, lyrics/ vocals,  melody, story-telling and harmony wisdom and expertise to the table. 

Dewey: Yes! We are the Yin to others Yang. I’m hardcore into sound design. I am just going to sit for hours on different VST’s, cooking up noises that are crazy. I’m very centered while we are writing. 

We incorporate something fresh to the scene. We are not reluctant to get loud and crazy. Our collections have tempo changes and multiple genre, while we dance around acting like complete fools for the crowd, to get them going and jump. Since we care for the people we work with we also deliver a realness to the scene. We’ve got respect for your craft and we always give 100% no matter how small or large the gig will be. 

Photograph credit Elofrem

Blast Off is via No Tomorrows Recordings from London. How did you get connected with them? Would you tell us a little? 

No Tomorrow Recordings

While looking for a label to release our music, we found No Tomorrow on Beatport and noticed their music is quite much in keeping with the sort of music we create. We sent them audio and began talking and found their values and mission to be something we all thought in. They’ve been good to use, and it’s been a lot of fun.

Like most of sub genres in electronic music there are developments and trends. How can you prefer to keep at the top of trends? Do you notice particular trends inside music scene or the electro house in general? 

We listen to lots of music, not just electronic music. We feel as though a large trend in music is crossing genres/subgenres such as Marshmello’s collab with A Day To Remember, Kayzo together with Underoath, or even Dua Lipa along with Dillon Francis.

Now, you are inspiring? 

Artists that are inspiring us today are: Joyryde, Virtual Riot, Atrip, ALRT, MADGRRL, Ducky, along with Oliverse.

So there you’re with the very finest sound system known to man facing a 3000 person crowd. What’s the very first track you fall? 

“Blast Off” by Eflorem ‘trigger it gets the party going! 

Photograph credit Elforem

How can you guys communicate to stay in sync? What’s the dynamics behind the decks?  

We usually prefer to have some kind of game-plan for your set. On stage we talk to each other a little bit, and we usually like to perform four tracks each at a moment. Whichever one of us is currently hyping up dance and the crowd. 

A “never have I ”, what is? 

Heather: I have never been to Disney World…or anything Disney related.

Dewey: I have never done a talent show, due to having stage fright when I was younger. 

Is there a story behind the title Eflorem?

Dewey: When we metwe each had our very own solo projects happening. I moved by “Eddy M…”

Heather: And I went by “EfloBot. . ” *laughs* So when we decided to become a duo, we morphed them collectively and took both names, making “Eflorem. ” We understood the “Eflor” portion of the title, has to do with blossoms (in latin origin) so we left the “O” in the logo a trippy blossom.

Photograph credit Eflorem

What’s next for you guys? 

Heather: More releases. . Papa Johns. *Laughs* 

Dewey: What she said! *Laughs*   

What other goals do you have as DJs and Producers? 

We really need to play with festivals! There is this magical energy at festivals that just can’t be explained. We also would like to do some tour. Maybe in various countries. Another objective is to collaborate with a few artists that we look up to, like a few that we mentioned previously.

Eflorem Online: 


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