Don Diablo Shows Off New Custom Jaguar

Don Diablo Shows Off New Custom Jaguar

We talked at length about a lot of DJs’ automobiles — one time a touring artists starts making cash it’s ’ s a status symbol. From Marshmello to Deadmau5 to Afrojack to Getter to Rezz, each of them watched a brand new ride that said, “I’ve made it. ”

Don Diablo certainly “produced it” a long time ago, but with a fresh, scammed out Jag doesn’t hurt. The new “HexMobile,” because he calls it, has been a habit Jaguar F-Type with a custom-printed petrol cover and certainly lots of other alterations not shown in the graphics below.

If you find this car rolling through the Netherlands anytime soon, you’ll know who’s behind the wheel.

New HexMobile just wrapped in 🔥😎

— Don Diablo (@DonDiablo) November 4, 2019

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