Flux Pavilion Delivers Melodic Single “Surrender” ft. Next To Neon and A:M

Flux Pavilion Delivers Melodic Single “Surrender” ft. Next To Neon and A:M

Flux Pavilion’s diving further and further into territory that is melodic.

Flux Pavilion was after a creative tangent that may have originally come as a surprise to those who recall him as a member of dubstep’s household names. Even the English DJ/producer has shared with a song titled”Surrender” featuring Next To Neon and A:M that almost borders on pop songs.

The single real component of”Surrender” that even hints at dubstep would be the drum patters, whereas the vivid synth operate overhead almost likens it to trance. Even the vocals give it identifying singalong appeal, promising the only plenty of main stage play.

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Flux Pavilion (real name Joshua Steele) is no newcomer to melodic territory. Last month, he enlisted GLNNA to get a similar single titled”Somebody Else,” and prior to that he teamed up with Marshmello and Elohim on”Room To Fall.”

Stream or download”Surrender” from Flux Pavilion containing Next To Neon and A:M over platforms here.


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