Marshmello’s “Alone” Hits 1 Billion Views

Marshmello’s “Alone” Hits 1 Billion Views

Marshmello’s movie for “Alone” now became the newest in YouTube to cross the one billion perspective mark. Once a landmark that was fabled, the achievement has been dulled over the last couple decades so many movies also have crossed the threshold. Yet it’s still a exceptional accomplishment that has been fulfilled by less than 200 others (there are more than 7 billion movies on YouTube).

And if one billion viewpoints isn how about that? Marshmello is your very first artist, and one of over 20 artists complete, to have their own YouTube channel crossover 20 million subscribers. This is undoubtedly due in part to a large selection of content from music to cooking that appeals to a younger fanbase that participates more often with the stage.

Watch the movie for “Alone” again below.

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